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CLI Services' core focus is improving lives of our employees, customers and end users by providing best in class Electrical Infrastructure Solutions.

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Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

CLI Services specializes in end-to-end services, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Denver area. Trust our certified technicians to keep your EV charging stations operational and efficient.

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Our EV Charging Station Services

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EV Charger Installation

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of commercial and industrial EV charger installation, ensuring a seamless process from needs assessment to safe station installation.

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Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance is important and we are here to make sure your business receives regularly scheduled inspections and maintainenance. We will help you troupleshoot any potential issues and keep your charging station running smoothly.

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EV Partnerships

For those in the EV industry seeking expert, reliable, and competitively-priced installation and maintenance services, our seasoned team offers prompt, efficient support to minimize disruption. With comprehensive maintenance packages, partners can efficiently and cost-effectively maintain their EV charging systems.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance Solutions

At CLI Services, we deliver top-tier commercial electric vehicle charging solutions. Our certified specialists prioritize precision during installation to guarantee maximum reliability, safety, and user convenience. Recognizing the significance of EV charging stations for businesses and their clientele, we commit to delivering exceptional experiences consistently. Our Services Include:

Expert EV Charging Station Installation

Swift Troubleshooting and Repair Services

Thorough Safety Inspections

Continuous Project Updates for Full Transparency


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Safety and Efficiency

Rely on CLI Services as your premier source for EV charging system installation and maintenance, where our experienced technicians are well-versed in the latest industry trends, safety standards, and regulations.

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Preventative Maintenance

Benefit from our comprehensive maintenance plans tailored to maximize the efficacy of your EV chargers, saving you money while extending their life expectancy.

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Professional Expertise

We pride ourselves on providing you with with the best options for your business's needs. As the leading experts in EV Charging stations, our team is dedicated to helping you make the right investment decision

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At our core, we aim to keep our customers ahead of the curve. From the installation of EV charging stations to controls, thermal imaging, mapping, sustainability, and life safety lighting services, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your needs.

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