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Rebate Program

Colorado Lighting, Inc., together with your local Xcel Energy power provider, is committed to helping you find ways to lower your energy consumption, improve our collective sustainability, and improve your productivity while saving you money in the process. Our team of electrical contractors has teamed up with local energy suppliers to provide you with discounts and rebates on new lighting system designs that will help you achieve your goals while utilizing the best energy solutions. Contact us today to get started!


Lighting systems from the past are not designed for today’s work environments and often provide four times the actual needed amount of illumination. Because of this, a system redesign can translate into significant energy savings for your company, helping you control costs and stay competitive while contributing to environmental conservation and sustainability.

As your trusted lighting supplier in Colorado, our rebate program is designed to provide cost-effective lighting solutions to businesses. Our lighting rebate program is aimed at helping businesses reduce their energy consumption and lower their electricity bills. Our team of electrical contractors works to ensure you receive the best energy solutions that suit your specific needs.


Rebate programs for your Colorado business are available for both the diagnosis and implementation stages of the redesign process. As an experienced industry specialist, our commercial lighting and energy company is here to deliver the most effective lighting services in the industry. For more information on these services and how our energy solutions can help you, contact our electrical contractors today!

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