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Fluorescent Lamp Ban

House Bill 23-1161

Colorado Fluorescent Bulb Phase Out by 2025

In a significant move towards environmental sustainability, Colorado has introduced House Bill 23-1161, set to phase out most general-purpose fluorescent lighting by January 1, 2025. This pioneering legislation places Colorado among the first states to ban these bulbs, joining California and Vermont in reducing mercury pollution and promoting energy efficiency.

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Highlights of House Bill 23-1161

Ban on Fluorescent Bulbs

Starting January 1, 2025, the sale of most general-purpose fluorescent bulbs will be prohibited in Colorado. This ban aims to eliminate mercury contamination and encourage the use of safer, more sustainable lighting options like LEDs. LEDs are not only environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective due to their longer lifespan and lower energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

Transitioning to LED lighting is a critical aspect of the bill. LEDs consume significantly less energy than fluorescent bulbs, contributing to substantial energy savings and supporting Colorado’s broader sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental impact of banning fluorescent bulbs is profound. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, a hazardous substance that can cause significant environmental and health issues. By eliminating these bulbs, Colorado is taking a crucial step toward reducing mercury pollution and safeguarding the environment for future generations.


Enforcement and Compliance

House Bill 23-1161 includes stringent enforcement mechanisms to ensure adherence. Regular inspections and coordination with neighboring states will help enforce the ban. Non-compliance will result in penalties, emphasizing the state’s commitment to environmental protection.

This legislation sets a precedent, showcasing Colorado’s dedication to fostering a greener, more sustainable future. It is an invitation for businesses and residents to actively participate in this environmental initiative.

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Energize Denver

Energize Denver Ordinance - 2023

The Energize Denver Ordinance requires buildings to adopt energy-efficient measures to reduce overall energy consumption. This ordinance impacts two primary categories of buildings:

1. Buildings 5,000 ft2 – 24,999 ft2

2. Buildings 25,000 ft2 and greater

Compliance Requirements for Smaller Buildings (5,000 ft² – 24,999 ft²):

Install LED Lighting

Cover at least 90% of the lighting load throughout the building.

Reduce Lighting Power Density

Achieve a reduction equivalent to what LED lighting covering 90% of the load would result in.

Renewable Energy Options

Install renewable power generation or purchase off-site renewables to meet at least 20% of the building’s annual energy usage.

Compliance Requirements for Larger Buildings (25,000 ft² and Greater):

Energy Use Intensity (EUI)

Targets are calculated based on a building’s typical use, total square footage, location, and age.

Energy Benchmarking

Buildings should have submitted energy benchmarking to the city in 2019 to set a baseline energy usage.

Reduction Targets

Must be accomplished by 2030, with interim targets set for 2024 and 2027.

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Compliance Deadlines

Building Size (sq. ft)

  • 15,001-24,999 December 31, 2025

  • 10,001-15,000 December 31, 2026

  • 5,000-10,000 December 31, 2027

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Benchmarking is a critical process for tracking energy usage in buildings. In Denver, this is done through Energy Star and Xcel Energy. Annual benchmarking reports must be submitted by June 1st of the following year. This process helps determine if a building is on track to achieve its energy savings goals and is an essential part of complying with the Energize Denver Ordinance.

Achieve Compliance

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Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service, understanding the unique needs of each client, and offering tailored solutions that align with both regulatory requirements and business goals. With CLI Services, you are not just meeting compliance standards; you are also making a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

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