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Fluorescent Lamp Ban

House Bill 23-1161



The bill is accelerating the phase-out of most general-purpose fluorescent lighting for sale in Colorado by January 1, 2025.

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CO HB23-1161

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Energize Denver

Energize Denver Ordinance - 2023

Two primary categories:

1. Buildings 5,000 ft2 – 24,999 ft2

2. Buildings 25,000 ft2 and greater

Compliance Requirements for Buildings 5,000 ft2 – 24,999 ft2

1. Install LED lighting to cover at least 90% of the lighting load throughout the building (interior and exterior lighting).

2. Achieve a reduction in lighting power density equal to what LED lighting covering 90% of the lighting load would have resulted in.


1. Install enough renewable power generation to generate at least 20% of the building's annual energy usage.

2. Or purchase off-site renewables that generates enough electricity to meet 20% of the building’s annual energy usage.

Compliance Deadlines

Building Size (sq. ft)

· 15,001-24,999 December 31, 2025

· 10,001-15,000 December 31, 2026

· 5,000-10,000 December 31, 2027

Compliance Requirements for Buildings 25,000 ft2 and Greater

Reduction targets are calculated by Energy Use Intensity. This is a metric that takes into account a buildings typical use type, total square footage, location, and age.

Buildings should have submitted energy benchmarking to the city in 2019 to set a baseline energy usage.

Energy reductions must be accomplished by 2030 and Interim Targets are set at 2024 an 2027.

Benchmarking is done every year to determine if a building is on track to achieve required energy savings.

Lighting typically makes up 10-25% of energy usage in commercial buildings, but can be as much as 50% in non-manufacturing/refrigerated warehouse spaces. LED lighting upgrades with occupancy/daylight controls can reduce lighting energy usage by up to 75%.


· Benchmarking is a way of tracking energy usage.

· This is done through Energy Star and Xcel Energy.

· Annual Benchmarking must be submitted by June 1st the following year.

Other Ways to Achieve Energy Savings Goals

· Replacing any equipment (HVAC, boilers, etc.) as it ages out with newer equipment that runs off electricity instead of gas.

o This will also help towards achieving a buildings net electricity usage of 80%

· Installing renewable energy or purchasing off-site renewable energy credits.

o The amount of credit is calculated through an online application.

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