Environmental protection and energy sustainability are becoming ever more important in today’s business world. Between rising energy costs, environmental issues and consumer demand, sustainability and protection are essential parts of any business plan, including our own! At CLI we are continually looking to improve our environmental preservation through environmentally friendly products and services while maintaining industry leadership with sustainability efforts. It is estimated that the total kilowatt per hour energy reduction Colorado Lighting, Inc. has provided to their customers through energy efficient products roughly equates to the oxygen production of planting over two hundred fifty thousand trees. Through a combined effort, we can continue to create a better earth for our future:

Recommended Practice for Planned Indoor Lighting This guide provides comprehensive information on lighting maintenance procedures, lamp and ballast disposal, troubleshooting, and revisions to current lighting design practice that can be used to reduce capital construction costs, reduce energy costs and conserve energy consumption. The guide includes the results of a landmark three-year EPA-sponsored NALMCO study, directed by CLI president Norma Frank that indicates that many of today’s buildings may be over lit, providing significant opportunities for energy conservation, sustainability and other cost savings. Click the link above to find out more about this guide and how the information it contains can help you with you bottom line while improving sustainability efforts.

Colorado Real Estate Journal – Focus on Building Operating Services and Suppliers In their September 2008 issue, The Colorado Real Estate Journal focused on the sustainability efforts and business practices that Colorado Lighting offers to its customers. The article highlights options for energy savings, sustainability and financial incentives and rebates that can make your needs a realized reality.“Does a 30% to 40% return on your investment seem impossible in today’s economic climate? New developments in lighting technology can help a business minimize impact on the environment and maximize the rate of return on their building investment.” Download a PDF of the full article.

Go GREEN! with Planned Maintenance! Colorado Lighting Inc. is at the fore-front of environmental leadership through energy sustainability offered by way of our planned maintenance program. Our unique program provides us many GREEN! practices by reducing the amount of paper we mail, cutting down fuel costs caused by multiple trips, replacing non energy efficient bulbs, identifying possible fixture/power problems. This strategy offers customers 24/7 access to job status and awards us the ability to cut costs and pass those savings on. Contact us to find out more!