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Colorado's Environmental Revolution: Say Goodbye to Fluorescent Bulbs With House Bill 23-1161

In a landmark move towards sustainability, Colorado is leading the charge with House Bill 23-1161. Under this comprehensive bill, Colorado is set to overhaul its approach to appliances, prioritizing energy efficiency and ecological preservation like never before. Learn more about House Bill 23-1161 and CLI Services next steps for helping you stay compliant.

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Highlights of House Bill 23-1161

One of the most significant aspects of the bill is its stance on fluorescent light bulbs. Starting January 1, 2025, Colorado will join the ranks of California and Vermont as the third state to ban these environmentally hazardous bulbs. This decision isn't arbitrary; it's a crucial step in safeguarding our environment from the harmful effects of mercury present in fluorescent bulbs.

The implications of this legislation extend far beyond mere regulation. By embracing energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, Colorado is not only mitigating environmental harm but also paving the way for substantial energy savings. This aligns perfectly with the state's broader goals of promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

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Enforcement of House Bill 23-1161

Enforcement mechanisms embedded within the bill ensure that compliance isn't just a suggestion but a requirement. Regular inspections and collaboration with neighboring states will ensure that the ban on fluorescent bulbs is rigorously upheld. Violators will face consequences, underlining the seriousness of Colorado's commitment to environmental stewardship.

This legislation sets a remarkable precedent, positioning Colorado at the forefront of responsible environmental practices. It's a testament to the state's dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. But to truly embrace this revolution, action is needed from all stakeholders.

That's where you come in. Make the switch to LED lighting today and be a part of Colorado's environmental journey. Say goodbye to fluorescent bulbs and hello to energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting solutions. Take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow by getting in touch with CLI services today.

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Step 1- CLI Services will deplete fluorescent inventory throughout 2024 and work with you to plan your fluorescent to LED upgrades

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Step 3- CLI will provide a turnkey lamp upgrade/replacement process applicable XCEL rebates and recylce all fluorescent lamps


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