CLI is committed to Sustainability and YOU

Sustainability has become a major focus for all industries across the board and is a necessary aspect of future proofing your business. CLI has made sustainability a priority not only for our company but also our customers. This includes considering all environmental, social, and financial aspects of your business. A simple example of embracing sustainability is by upgrading to LEDs and installing light controls. These upgrades positively impact all three of these elements and CLI Services has the experience, resources and commitment necessary to make your upgrade as seamless and hassle free as possible.

Cut Your Costs of Doing Business by Upgrading to Energy Efficient LEDs:

Upgrading your facility to LEDs is an easy way to drastically decrease your utility and maintenance costs, generating large savings year after year.

  • LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional technologies, greatly decreasing monthly utility bills.
  • LEDs are rated up to 100,000 hours of use which is up to five times greater than traditional lamps.
  • LEDs have a much more precise distribution of light that is more easily directed, meaning less fixtures are required to achieve the same effect as traditional fixtures, resulting in lower up-front costs and even more energy savings.
  • LEDs allow for higher levels of control which allow for more efficient usage and scheduling that can be tailored to your needs, reducing energy usage and unnecessary run time.
  • Most major utilities offer substantial rebates that greatly decrease your upfront cost for installation. CLI Services handles the entire rebate process for our customers from start to finish.  It is part of our turnkey solution.



Five Sustainable Characteristics of LEDs:

  1.  Low energy consumption. LEDs use less energy than other types of light bulbs. This saves the consumer money and places less demand on our energy grid and, ultimately, less demand on the natural resources used to power that grid.
  2.  Low heat. Much of the energy consumed by other types of light bulbs is wasted as heat loss. LEDs don’t have this same amount of heat loss, thanks to their efficient design and lack of filament. Cooler bulbs are safer too, posing less of a fire hazard.
  3.  No harmful materials used in construction. LED lights do not contain any harmful chemicals or materials. Unlike CFL bulbs, which contain mercury and require special precautions to dispose of them properly.
  4.  Waste reduction. Since LEDs last so long (up to 20 years or more) and are more durable than other types of bulbs, fewer dead LED bulbs find their way into the trash.
  5. Recyclability. LEDs are made of recyclable materials. Although you can’t throw them out with the curbside recyclables, LEDs can be taken to special collection events or drop-off locations where they can be collected and sent off to be dismantled. Parts can then be reused, repurposed, or recycled.



Shine a Light on Environmental Sustainability with LEDs:

Environmental sustainability is crucial in addressing current climate issues. Upgrading to LEDs is an easy way to decrease your carbon-footprint.

  • On top of the financial savings from LEDs long life span and high efficiency, energy consumption is reduced to a fraction of what traditional technologies require, greatly reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs contain no hazardous waste that when disposed of can leach into the surrounding soil and water table causing massive negative ecological impacts.
  • LEDs are much more precise and directional, allowing for fewer fixtures to be used to achieve the same light levels. This not only decreases energy consumption, but also decreases your net environmental impact because less fixtures need to be manufactured, transported, and installed which are all very resource intensive processes.

Create a Work Environment Where People Can Thrive:

Social sustainability will ensure that you and your employees have everything that they need to be happy, productive, and enjoy coming to work every day. These results all start with providing proper lighting.

  • Everyone’s optimal lighting solution is different and LEDs customizability allows you to create a lighting solution that exactly meets your needs and ensures the proper light levels and color temperatures that you desire are delivered.
  • Light levels and color temperature greatly impact mood and productivity. With LEDs you are no longer limited to one uniform solution, but one that is adaptable to suit each space’s needs.
  • LEDS also allow for higher levels of light with precise placement that ensures safe exterior spaces as well as the light levels needed for all varieties of work. This includes higher light levels for detail oriented work or more relaxed lighting for break rooms and lounge areas.


GO GREEN with Planned Maintenance:

Save some GREEN and create some GREEN with our Planned Maintenance! CLI Services is at the forefront of environmental leadership through energy sustainability offered by way of our planned maintenance program. Our unique program provides us numerous GREEN practices by reducing the amount of paper we mail, cutting down fuel costs caused by multiple trips, replacing inefficient bulbs, identifying possible fixture/power problems, and much more. This strategy offers customers 24/7 access to job status and awards us the ability to cut costs and pass those savings on.  Contact Us today to find out more about our energy planned maintenance solutions!