New innovations in the lighting industry can help you maintain needed industrial lighting illumination while providing financial incentives, safety, and environmental sustainability. Check out the following new products and lighting services:

innovation-218x30025-Watt T8 Lamps

25watt lamps can reduce your energy consumption while still providing you with the necessary illumination you need.


covRguard™ lamps by GE™ provide you and your environment with an added cover of safety. By eliminating the risk of shattered glass and lamp materials, this commercial lighting fixture reduces the risk of injury and contamination in your environment.

Solar Energy

With fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources becoming more expensive and hazardous, solar energy provides the opportunity to be both financially and environmentally conscious. Find out more about this sustainable energy solution.

Lutron EcoSystem

A commercial lighting control system, the EcoSystem can provide you with energy savings automatically. Find out more about lighting sensors and energy management possibilities.

T8s for High Bay

High bay applications can be tricky and expensive to light. With linear T8 lighting, you can save money while improving your lighting and energy performance. Our lighting company can help you find the best products for your needs.