Shatter-resistant lamps offer unbeatable breakage protection. covRguard™ lamp products from GE™ help contain glass particles when broken that protect people and objects, from daycare centers to food processing plants, with minimal light loss, block most UV light emissions, and meet FDA, NSF and OSHA standards, keeping your environment bright and protected. Plus, lighting options offer superior energy efficiency and an outstanding quality of light for early any type of application.

covRguard features:

  • Polycarbonate protective shield effectively contains shattered glass particles of fluorescent lamps if the lamp is broken
  • Incandescent protected coatings
  • Protects people, food, and so on from broken glass and resists thermal shock breakage from inclement weather
  • Available in many types and wattages, including Incandescent and Fluorescent T12, T8 with Starcoat®, and Ecolux® lamps
  • UVblocking properties guard against fading and UV degradations
  • Available in a variety of colors for decorative and architectural applications

Product options include:

  • covRguard™ FLUORESCENT – Foodservice and processing, healthcare, and other people places.
  • covRguard™ INCANDESCENT – Indoor and outdoor applications, and heavy traffic areas.
  • GOLD covRguard™ – Semiconductor processing, printing application, photo darkrooms, and food processing.
  • CINEMA covRguard™ – Filming, digital imaging, photography.

No matter your needs, our lighting company in Denver can work with you to find the best energy solutions in the industry. Your business can benefit from the safety and practicality offered by coveRguard™ lighting products. Contact us today to learn more!