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The City of Boulder has adopted aggressive Outdoor Lighting Regulations (Section 9-9-16, Outdoor Lighting,” B.R.C. 1981) that requires all commercial and residential buildings to be in Full Compliance by 2019.  As of November 1st, the City of Boulder is “Actively Enforcing” their compliance requirements.  This means that each property must have a Lighting Certification Form completed by a lighting consultant and submitted to the Planning and Development Department.  This form will verify all site lighting is in full compliance with code.

Colorado Lighting, Inc. (CLI) has successfully brought dozens of properties into compliance throughout the city of Boulder and are proud of our efficient process and the winning results for our clients.   CLI is an expert on the new regulations and would like the opportunity to get your property in full compliance.  We have had multiple meetings with Boulder’s Planning and Development Department and have established a clear understanding of what is expected of building owners. CLI wants to help you navigate this complicated Outdoor Lighting Regulation compliance process.

CLI will perform the following:

  • CONDUCT A LIGHTING ASSESSMENT of current outdoor lighting.
  • CREATE A PROPOSAL with our recommendations to bring the property into compliance.
  • DESIGN A PHOTO-METRIC LIGHT PLAN to show the property is compliant. This will be submitted to the city and is part of their requirement.
  • COMPLETE THE WORK per the approved lighting proposal and SIGN EXTERIOR LIGHTING CERTIFICATION as required to verify the work was completed to the standards (Section 9-9-16, “Outdoor Lighting,” B.R.C. 1981).

Working through the code requirements requires a combination of on-site verification, photo-metric design; permit and lighting plan submission at Boulder Planning Department; and final submission of Lighting Certification.  For this reason, our proposal includes a flat baseline assessment fee for our professional services for each location that would cover the needed administrative time involved in the process.

To avoid any violations or other permitting hold-ups with the City of Boulder, we would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to get the process started for your property to meet the requirements of the Outdoor Lighting Regulations.  CLI looks forward to partnering with you to complete the exterior lighting upgrades for your property as required by the Boulder code.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a call to go over your situation, please submit one of our online forms or call us at (303) 288-3152.