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Lutron EcoSystem

EcoSystem is a revolutionary, commercial lighting control system comprised of digital electronic dimming ballasts, controls and environments sensors that combine to save energy, increase productivity, improve space flexibility and reduce costs.

How does this work? Microprocessors in the lights.

  • EcoSystem electronics and sensors communicate to maximize energy savings.
  • EcoSystem balances input from multiple sensors and controls. Older systems allow minor sensor changes to override significant inputs, or attach cumbersome processing units.
  • EcoSystem “plug and play” components communicate via low voltage wires. As building needs change, simply reprogram EcoSystem, without re-circuiting.
  • Occupants can control their light to improve productivity and increase energy savings.
  • Facility managers configure EcoSystem themselves to maximize occupant comfort and energy savings

    EcoSystem has a full range of “plug and play” components, including sensors, controls, and  Quantum™ whole building light controls, to generate energy savings, simply and flexibly.

    What does the EcoSystem do? EcoSystem saves energy, flexibly

    • Controls when lights are on or off
    • Control light levels in occupied spaces by automatically dimming
    • Lets individuals control their own light levels
    • Reprogram EcoSystem as needs change, avoiding construction costs

    Lighting systems are the largest power consumers of building properties. Lutron EcoSystems can help you reduce your power consumption, saving you money and conserving the environment for your future. 

    What is the benefit of this?

    The cost of electricity to light a building greatly exceeds the cost of lights themselves. Therefore it is wise to invest in energy efficient lighting. This graph below compares the total cost of EcoSystem with a typical lighting system that is sold as energy saving.


    Lighting systems are the largest power consumers of building properties! Lutron EcoSystems can help you reduce your power consumption, saving you money and conserving in the environment for your future. 

    In a commercial building, the cost of the electricity lights use greatly exceeds the cost of the lights themselves. Because EcoSystem ballasts are highly efficient, dim to utilize daylight, and shut off when a space is not occupied, electricity savings and conservation easily help improve your bottom line, as well as your environmental impact. To learn more, contact CLI now!


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